For every move of your life.


Your moving company

Soliemoves offers custom moving and delivery service to consumers, merchants and small businesses.

Soliemoves is a customer service centered coordination company created to accommodate the schedule of busy people. We first started out with a focus on three core business offerings: packing, loading and moving. These services are designed to cater to individuals whose fast-paced lifestyle demands personal services capable of supporting their needs.

Today we are positioning Soliemoves to become a life resource company. We are focused on providing services to help you maintain the quality of life you planned for.

While we are still a moving and delivery company we've expanded to so much more. The sucessful launch of our Solierun services allows us to offer shopping, and furniture assembly services. We invite you to have a look at our partners page to introduce you to some of our recently launched services as well as those in the making.