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Shipping and Receiving Services

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Soliemoves Shipping and Receiving Service


First mile pick up and last mile delivery.

We provide first and last mile shipping services for the New York Tri-State area. With our first mile shipping service we pick up bulk items and provide national shipping services.

With our last mile shipping service you can have items shipped to our warehouse and delivered locally. We will deliver items through out the New York Tri-State area. Below are some features of our shipping and receving services.


What we offer you

  • First mile shipping -- we'll pick up and ship items originating from the New York tri-state area.
  • Last mile delivery -- we'll receive items at our commercial warehouse and deliver locally to the New York tri-state area.
  • Packing -- we'll pack and protect your items for shipping.
  • We service the New York State Tri-State Area